If your chip starts to spread into a crack give us a call right away


We can stop the crack from spreading.  We will schedule you for a repair right away.  Many times the same day.

Chip Repair!

We pride ourselves in performing the best windshield repairs you will find in Northern Nevada.  We will repair rock chip damages up to the size of a 50 cent piece.  We use a patented system.  Once repaired the damaged area will clear up 70 to 95%.  Most repairs take less than 15 minutes to perform and are guaranteed for the life of your windshield.

Best of all most repairs are FREE to you.  Your Insurance company saves hundreds of dollars each time they do a preventive repair instead of replacing your windshield.

Have any windshield rock chip damages professionally repaired right away before the damage spreads.  Windshield Doctor will give you prompt service, we come to you.

Watch drastic temperature changes as they are the prime reason chips turn into cracks. Go easy on the defrosters in the winter and be careful when washing a hot windshield in the summer.

windshield chip before and after

Crack Repair!

If you wake up some morning and you see a crack running across your windshield you now have an alternative to replacing your windshield. Our Multi Head Technology repairs Cracks up to 24 inches with a Lifetime Warranty. Windshield repairs usually take less than 15 minutes to perform.

Your Insurance Company will pay for all or most of the repair by waving your deductible.  Insurance companies see significant savings by repairing windshields instead of replacing them. To promote this savings they will waive your deductible and pay for most or the entire repair cost.

If you call in the claim before calling us “beware” you will be talking to a glass claims administrator that is affiliated with a large replacement company.  They will tell you need a new windshield and that the crack can not be repaired.  Tell them you want Windshield Doctor to do a repair on your long crack and save you replacing your windshield.  Tell them that we lifetime warranty our crack repairs against spreading further.

It is very important to repair cracks as soon as you see them.  Cracks may spread every day, and dirt accumulates in the crack.  Even though Windshield Doctor can repair a crack up to 24 inches.  Repair your cracks as soon as possible to get the best possible repair.  Cracks over 3 months may need to be replaced. Chip repairs have no time limited because the dirt can not penetrate into them like it does in cracks.

Our Warranty!

All repairs provided by Windshield Doctor are guaranteed for the lifetime of the windshield.  If the damage spreads and can not be re-repaired, the total amount of the original repair will be refunded.  Any fees paid by the insurance company for the repair will be refunded to the insurance company.  Fees paid personally will be refunded as a credit toward a windshield at a shop of the customer’s choice.


What is your warrantee on repairs?

Windshield repairs are warranted against spreading for as long as you own the car.  If the damage spreads beyond the repair, we will re-repair the extended damage or refund the original repair amount to whomever paid for the repair.  In most circumstances this will be your insurance company.

Why don’t other glass shops offer this long crack repair system?

Unfortunately, most glass shops are interested in selling new windshields and not saving the existing windshield.  We are a repair first, replace only when necessary shop.  We care about saving your dollars.

How can you repair cracks over 6 inches, my agent said cracks over 6 inches are not usually deemed repairable.

We use a patented system to repair long cracks. Long cracks can be repaired successfully and the repairs are safe.  Long crack repair done correctly passes all government safety tests

Will I still be able to see the damage after it is repaired?

Most stone breaks clear up 70% -95%, leaving a spot where the resin was injected.  From inside the vehicle there is a hint of where the original damage was.  Cracks can be more noticeable depending on the age of the crack and how much dirt has accumulated in the crack before the  repair is done.  Most repaired cracks look line a strand of hair dead on, from an angle, it is usually only slightly noticeable.  Most of the glare from the sun reflecting on the crack is gone once repaired.

How long does a windshield repair take?

Usually 10-15 minutes per chip, and 10-20 minutes for long crack repair.

What is the purpose of repair?

The purpose of repair is to stabilize the damage, keep it from spreading, and restore the structural integrity of the glass.

Why do insurance companies pay for windshield repair?

Windshields have become very expensive in the last few years and break more easily because they are thinner.  Insurance companies are realizing a substantial savings on their glass replacement costs by using repairs as an alternative to replacement.  To promote this benefit they are willing to pay the total cost of repairs.

What’s repairable damage?

Stone breaks up to the size of a fifty-cent piece and cracks up to 24 inches long that started cracking within the past 3 months are usually repairable.  The sooner you spot the damage the better the repair will be.